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See our most common questions related to the Cayman Islands boat registration.


The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry mandates that the vessel's owner, the corporation that owns the vessel, or the charterer of the vessel must be a citizen or company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Indeed, a necessary inspection by a licensed surveyor is required before a yacht can be registered under the Cayman Islands' flag. The inspection confirms that the ship satisfies the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry's requirements for safety and technical specifications.

Yes, it is possible to register a jet ski in the Cayman Islands.

Please provide us the following documents:

  • Bill of sale copy
  • Copy of registration document
  • Radio operator license
  • Details of the equipments installed

Yes. Please provide us the following documents:

  • New owner’s Passport/ID copy
  • Bill of Sale or Ownership Document
  • Original registry certificate

Please provide us the following documents:

  • Original registry certificate
  • Clearance document
  • Bill of Sale or Ownership Document

There are three Cayman Islands ports of registry you can choose from:

  • George Town
  • Bloody Bay
  • The Creek

You can register your pleasure yachts and commercial yachts of any size in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands registered vessels can fly either an undefaced red ensign or a red ensign defaced with the Cayman Islands crest.

  • Passport/ID copy
  • Proof of insurance
  • Copy of the Vessel’s Bill of Sale
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Deletion Certificate
  • Certificate of Survey and International Tonnage Certificate

The registration of vessels in the Cayman Islands is issued in both paper and electronic formats.

Cayman Islands registration is valid for 12 months.

Yes, we can provide you the provisional in 24 business hours.

Documents are accepted in English language. If any paperwork is not in English, they will need to be translated by a qualified translator and notarized. (We'll handle the official translation.)

The cost for the registration depend on the tonnage of your vessel and if you are registering the ownership of the vessel as a PRIVATE or CORPORATE owned vessel.

Under normal circumstances, transactions are completed within 24 hours upon receipt of all forms, supporting documentation and applicable fees.
You will first receive a provisional registration, which allows you to use your vessel, within 3 months you will receive original registration.

The type of license necessary to sail a vessel depends on the size and type of the vessel, as well as the waters in which it will be operated.

In the Cayman Islands, a person operating a vessel that is less than 60 feet in length and does not carry passengers for hire is not required to have a license.

If the vessel is over 60 feet in length or carries passengers for hire, the operator will be required to hold a valid license or certificate of competency issued by a recognized maritime authority.

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